Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Garlic, Salt and the Aswang

Contrary to popular belief,  Filipinos never use garlic against the aswang. The traditional weapons are ginger and salt. 

In the studies of the late Dr. Maxino D. Ramos, this partly explains why Filipino males like to urinate in the most unlikely places. They are not marking their territory like dogs, but in an earlier time such a practice was meant as an anti-aswang method because urine was believed to contain enough salt to drive the aswang away. In this way holy water can also be used on an aswang, not so much because of the priest's blessing,  but due to the salt that is traditionally added to the holy water. Many priests today forget that salt is the essential ingredient in holy water.

[See: Looking Back (June 02, 2009)
Garlic isn’t an ‘aswang’-repellant - by Ambeth Ocampo]

According to those in the occult, the reason why salt is often used as a repellent against evil spirits is that salt is thought to be a pure, earthly substance and since evil spirits are ethereal, they cannot tolerate it. That is why salt is used to purify and for washing and cleansing the body. It also sucks out water and moisture is supposedly used to bridge the gap between the worlds.

Garlic is used to repel vampires.

Garlic originally got its good reputation from ancient Egypt. Back then it was believed that garlic held incredible healing powers. From Egypt it spread and developed more uses and powers. It was known not only for healing but also protection against the plague and supernatural evils.

It is also said that the bad smell of garlic is the one that repel those blood suckers.