Sunday, December 21, 2014


My friend Dennis Dy Ko took this picture on San Agustin Church, and frankly,  I have no idea what that "thing" that appeared in the picture.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zombie – The Walking Dead

As a result of those TV shows, motion pictures, books, computer games, who would say that you don't know anything about zombies…  or isn't that right?
So, when you hear the word “zombies,” what enters your mind are those walking dead who wants to consume your brains. However, zombies are not really what they are supposed to be.

Today, we have two types of zombies – one is more religious/supernatural and the other is more into the science fiction genre. So get ready to read this article so you’ll know what to do before the coming Zombie Apocalypse. 


Aswang by Cantada
Is it a ghoul? A vampire? A lycantropy? A hexer? Or even a god? Trying to describe the mythical aswang can be very hard. Different ethnic groups have a different description of it, but one thing is clear, the aswang is one of the most frightening of our lower myths.