Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is that an orb?

An orb sighted?

Yesterday a friend told me that he heard someone "pssssttt!" somewhere in the dark corridors at the 3rd floor of a certain old building in Escolta. I took some pictures and well...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Haunted Tour - Awesome!

Sorry, I can't reveal the exact address of that very big haunted house.

I don't want to say "It's all REAL" and I don't want to say "It's all FAKE," anyway It's a huge mansion in Quezon City built in the 1980's... No history of violent death on the house, but it's standing in a place once a dumping ground of those summaries executed, freaky accidents and suicide victims.

Together with the Profilers of the Unknown, we heard moans, heavy footsteps, the voice of an old woman calling out loud, the feeling of being watched, strange footprints from a dusty floor, laughing and running kids from the garden and above all, one of our tour companions is not what you think he is.


For more information about the Profilers of the Unknown, visit the site:


[Travel and accommodation was organized with the help of Mr. Ross Flores Del Rosario of,  and the community of bloggers of ]